Monday, July 12, 2004

July 12, Monday

Took a train this morning with Colleen to the town of Regnano, in the hills about 30 miles up the Arno for Florence. The view of the river and hills from the bridge is expansive and beautiful, the river pooling at the foot of a steep hill in front of you, with the ridge of a more distant hill visible above the ridge in the middleground. Began a small landscape study, which I hope to return here to finish. A thunderstorm was rumbling and looming all afternoon. I watched curtains of rain moving around in the distance, but it was 2:30 before they reached us, and then it came down in buckets. The sky was spectacular before the rain hit. Clouds with warm colors intermingled with those of the blue grey storm, creating layers of different colors and shapes of torn and twisted cloud banks. I had to stop painting, of course, but I think I have a good start, and I am beginning to feel truly excited about painting landscape. There is no limit to the availability or the possibilities and variety of compositions, and as I begin to see the work develop, I dream of expressing so many things that I have felt about landscapes, about the sea, rivers, lakes, mountains.

Tonight we have our first art history class at the British Institute. Tomorrow I may try to paint and visit a museum as well.


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