Monday, July 26, 2004

July 25 Sunday

Today we tried to go to Ponte Buggianese to see the frescoes by Pietro Annigoni there.  It was quite complicated to get to this small town.  Even when we were within 10 kilometers of the town, people had heard of it but did not know exactly how to get there.  As it was Sunday, bus and train service was reduced, and we couldn't find a taxi anywhere.  A friendly woman told us to follow her on a bus from Montecattini to Monsummano, which we did on her advice that the town of Ponte Buggianese was very near to Monsummano.   Only once on the bus did I learn that she was Romanian and had only been living in Italy for about the same time as Colleen and I.  She was completely wrong about the location of Ponte Buggianese and we lost several hours getting back from Monsummano to Montecattini.  Finally, we caught a bus from Montecattini that got us to Ponte Buggianese at 1130 am, when the Sunday mass was starting.  We just glimpsed the inside of the church, absolutely decked with frescos, before having to leave to allow them their mass.  Considering that we came to the Florence train station before 7 am that morning, the whole endeavor of travelling what was in fact a short distance to a town in the nearby region of Pistoia, Tuscany, took us almost 5 hours.  During the mass we stepped around behind the town to sketch the landscape, and were disappointed when we returned to find the priest gone and the church locked.  The locals told us it would not reopen before the evening, and I left feeling angry and frustrated. 


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