Monday, July 26, 2004

July 26 Monday

Now that we have become experts at getting to Ponte Buggianese, we made the trip there this morning without a hitch, arriving to view the frescoes in an open church at about 9:30 am.

Seeing the work in this church was a very stimulating experience, creatively speaking. These are huge paintings, and most of the surface of the church walls are covered. We saw the finished frescos based on large drawings that we had already seen in Bologna. The prophet Jeremiah was there, although the low light in the church made viewing this particular painting, and a few others, difficult.

Giotto-like shapes of figures and indication of dynamic movement of figures. The faces also have a quality like Giotto's, which Colleen pointed out to me.

It is too early to get to the essence of my response to these works. I feel that I have something to learn here. It has to do with a sense of possibilities that are completely my own. I think that I am inspired by the strength of Annigoni's individuality, his committment to his own vision, and his success in researching and expressing his ideas.

For at least two weeks now I have been possessed by a sort of idea of how to try to draw. I feel that I need to spend a period of time researching and trying out different approaches. Perhaps I will not be able to do what I imagine, but I think something will come of it. I am looking forward to having simple and solitary conditions to work in.


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